Resources to accompany the Career after COVID-19 book

Thank you for purchasing and reading the Career after COVID-19 e-book or paperback. We hope that the content has inspired you and given you the ideas and tools to reach your career goals in 2021 and beyond. 

We've listed all of our resources here for your use, for free and without the requirement of an email subscription. We will be updating it regularly to take into account new information about the virus and its impact on the employment market and business conditions.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or think we've missed something, by emailing us at hello at careeraftercovid dot com. 

Resources and contacts for those in financial distress or in emergency need

In Australia, the first place to check for resources and support is the Australian Government's Services Australia crisis and emergency support page

Further details of other avenues of support will be outlined here in due course. 

Resources from the book (coming soon)

  • Post-layoff 28-day planning tool to reduce overwhelm
  • Mindset matters (Chapter 1): Kick-starting your optimism and becoming bulletproof in 7 steps
  • Who is in the mirror? The top 5 personality tests for rapid self-discovery (Chapter 2)
  • Find your purpose and do what you love – a personal mission and values worksheet (Chapter 3)
  • Multiply your time – 12 ways to get your life in shape (Chapter 4)
  • Think outside-the-box – top 21 side hustles and niches in 2021 (Chapter 6)
  • Solving the entrepreneurial dilemma – a quiz to determine your suitability for self-employment (Chapter 10)
  • 10-day LinkedIn profile challenge – sign up for the waitlist for the next available challenge (Chapter 8)

Other resources from the book

  • Chapter 1: Mindset
  • Chapter 2: Personality tests and tools
  • Chapter 3: Do what you love, love what you do
  • Chapter 4: Multiply time and get organised
  • Chapter 5: Up-skill what matters
  • Chapter 6: Make some spare cash
  • Chapter 7: The new world of hiring
  • Chapter 8: LinkedIn tools and tips
  • Chapter 9: Job hunting
  • Chapter 10: Self-employment
  • Chapter 11: Innovation
  • Chapter 12: Business niches
  • Chapter 13: Launching your business
  • Chapter 14: Growing your business
  • Bonus Chapter: Someone close to you has lost their job

Other tools, worksheets and packages

  • CLAMPS worksheet
  • Career after COVID workshops
  • Career after COVID coaching packages
  • Newsletter sign-up