Career after COVID-19 e-book soft launch

Thanks so very much for helping out with our book launch. We are so grateful for our network of friends and relatives to support us in this life endeavour.

My coauthor Kym and I are launching the e-book on Monday 30 November at a special price of AU$1.99 on Amazon. The goal on launch day is to encourage early purchases that will hopefully lead to 'bestseller' status in the Career Advice category.

The promotional campaign is centred on this bestseller status, which will be a major selling point to leverage with marketing of the paperback (available mid-December for $22.95). It will also encourage Amazon’s algorithm to show the book to more shoppers in coming weeks.

I wrote this book with my friend and colleague Kym as a way to share our journey of being laid-off because of COVID. The hope is that it will inspire and help others in this situation, or career changers, to assess where they are at and get some actionable tips to improve their career prospects in 2021. Ultimately, we want to help as many people as possible - the personal royalties are not our primary motivation. Ten percent of the royalties that we do earn will be donated to Beyond Blue mental health support.

Anyway, we’d be grateful if you could ‘invest’ $1.99 in for this purchase to help us to help others. Below are some instructions to make the process easier, especially if you’re not a regular Amazon or kindle customer.

Further down we’ve outlined some additional steps you could take if you have the time and inclination to support our launch even further.

  1. Amazon does not allow purchasing of kindle e-books on its kindle app in Australia (because the Apple app store takes 30% of the income). If you try to search for our book in the kindle app, you will only receive a small sample of the text, and the purchase will not register. So please visit
  2. Type ‘Career advice Covid’ or 'career change Covid' into the search bar and hit the search icon next to search bar, or ‘enter’ or ‘return’ on your keyboard
  3. A list of ebooks will appear. The order will change for different users, so please scroll down until you see the ‘career after COVID-19’ book by Fleur Hull. It’s a white cover with green typeface and virus motif. Click on the book.
  4. Scroll down where it has a box that is headed ‘deliver to’. If you are not a regular kindle user, leave this on the default setting of ‘deliver to my Phone’
  5. Click on ‘purchase ebook for $1.99’ and fill in purchase details such as credit card etc if these are not already pre-filled on your account.

Your purchase means a lot and is a mammoth help to us getting the book’s reach extended so as to assist more people.


If you would like to do more to support our efforts, choose one or more of the following actions (with leaving a review on Amazon and joining our social media groups likely to give the best return for our outreach):

  1. We’d love your feedback on what resonated in the book or if there were parts that didn’t make sense for you. You can email us at and we will personally respond.
  2. Tell your friends and colleagues about the book, in person, or on social media. Let us know if there is someone in your network who may benefit from the book or some private career coaching.
  3. Follow or like our social media pages:
    1. Facebook careers advice group
    2. Career after COVID Instagram page
    3. LinkedIn career advice group
    4. Career after COVID on Twitter
  4. Follow me as an author on Amazon
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter - or encourage those who need career advice and direction to do so - by adding your email address in the footer section of this web page.
  6. Briefly Scroll through the pages of the e-book on your device and highlight a few sentences that stand out to you. Amazon tracks the amount of use of the e-books and integrates this feedback into its algorithms.
  7. Once you’ve scrolled through at least some of the e-book, you could leave a rating or review on Amazon - BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE NOT OUR FRIEND ON FACEBOOK. Amazon (aka big brother) can see if we are Facebook friends and will delete any reviews from friends or relatives. Be as helpful as possible to other readers by mentioning what resonated for you.

And finally, if you’ve always wanted to write a book and would like to hear about our journey and the resources and support we drew on throughout, please send us an email at so we can hear more about your journey and plans. We are so grateful for all the help we received and are keen to pay it forward. 
Fleur and Kym