Career after COVID-19 is a weekly podcast providing career advice, life and business coaching to help you survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Created for people who are unemployed or underemployed, aren’t happy in their job, or need some guidance to find work they really love, this podcast helps people to match their strengths to employment they will find stimulating and meaningful.
Co-hosts Fleur and Kym are focused on specific actions you can take to grow and enhance your career – whether you're planning to stay as an employee or plan to start and grow a side hustle or small business.


Podcast Episodes

  1. Introduction and Trailer for Career after COVID-19
  2. Understanding your personality type, values and priorities
  3. The importance of celebrating transitions and grieving what has been lost
  4. Self-employment as an option for your post-COVID career and lifestyle
  5. Courses and training programs for career change and professional development
  6. Tips for using LinkedIn as a career and business tool
  7. Ideas for earning extra income during COVID-19
  8. Best ways to stay organised and productive during COVID-19
  9. Facing your fears and getting past the thoughts that hold you back
  10. Be part of the post-COVID economic recovery
  11. How to create good habits and break bad habits
  12. Top business niches and job openings during and beyond COVID-19
  13. Generating innovative solutions and creative ideas to further your career after COVID-19
  14. Staying positive when things seem dire during the pandemic
  15. How to find work with purpose and meaning, and leave a legacy through your career